{VIDEO} “Shoot Some Extra Sauce Between My Buns” Gay McD’s Customer Assaulted By Employee

Bronx, NY –  A McDonald’s employee at a Bronx, New York location, is now under arrest after he beat up a gay man who ordered a Big Mac and asked him to “shoot some extra sauce between his buns.” The altercation began when a female employee tried to stick up for the male employee who felt “harassed” by the customer, 23-year-old Titi Wiggins. The male employee, Terry Wright says Wiggins was trying to “provoke a sexual encounter” with him.

As shown in the video below, the argument was heated between Wiggins and the female employee Tatiana Cooper. When Wiggins exited the McDonald’s, Wright allegedly followed him outside and knocked him unconscious. “How the hell are you going to ask someone to ‘shoot some extra sauce between your buns’ when you know damn well what you’re talking about, then get mad and cry when you get beat up,” said Cooper. “My friend Terry don’t play that. I may have lost my job over this, but that f*ggot got what he deserved.”

Both employees were fired over the incident that left Wiggins with a concussion and lacerations to the face. The manager on duty, Richie Miller, who also describes himself as a gay male, says he does not condone the actions of his former employees and says that any customer who is requesting “extra sauce on their Big Mac” is more than welcome to do so. “I wish he would’ve ask me for some extra sauce between the buns,” said Miller. “He would’ve got exactly what he asked for (**wink wink).”