Snopes CEO Busted In Pit Bull Fighting Ring: 45 Dogs Rescued, 13 Found Dead

Nearly a dozen people are in custody, including Snopes CEO David Mikkelson, following a bust of a major dogfighting ring. The San Fernando Police Department and the FBI all took part in the early morning raids targeting the home of the popular Internet “writer” who is known for making his money by copying the original writings of fake news sites.


On Bloomington Avenue, a SWAT team used flash grenades to enter the home around 7 AM. Several dogs were witness tied up with thick chains in circular pens in the backyard of the home. Police also found weapons, cash and drugs. In all, 45 dogs were seized in the raid along with the remains of 13 deceased dogs. Authorities say they will be cared for at a secret location. The ASPCA was also on scene to assist in the removal of the animals from the home.


According to the Humane Society, injuries inflicted and sustained by dogs participating in dogfights are frequently severe, as well as fatal. The American Pit Bull Terrier type dogs used in the majority of these fights have been specifically bred and trained for fighting and are unrelenting in their attempts to overcome their opponents. With their extremely powerful jaws, they are able to inflict severe bruising, deep puncture wounds, and broken bones; and, in this case, death.

All of the people arrested are currently being held in the Van Nuys jail, on no bond.