A Terrifying Warning to All Mothers of Girls: Ice Cream Truck Kidnappings

There have been several reported cases across the United States were girls have been victims of attempted kidnappings by drivers of ice cream trucks. The tool they use to take these children is chloroform. Chloroform is an organic compound. it is a colorless, sweet smelling, dense liquid. It has been used before as a kidnapping agent where the criminals put the cloth over the victim’s face and the person will then pass out. ¬†However, they are now putting it inside the ice cream.

By using it in ice cream it works 10 times faster and the girl is subjected to being injured due to falling and hitting their head. 10 girls have been kidnapped and the 22 other assaults resulted in failed kidnappings. The ice cream trucks that were reported to the police were said to have the writing “Mr. Ice Cream Man” and others reported lettering that said “Mr. Softy.”

Parents are advised to be with their children if they want to give them money for the ice cream man, as this is a very serious matters with cases building up across the United States. Please share this information with your friends and family to make sure it does not happen to you. Police are working on the matter to try and catch the predators.